Maison Machtum

Project data

Client _ private
Location _ Machtum, Luxembourg
Completed in_ 2015 
Built area _ 350m2
Team _ Marc Schmit, Pascal Berger, Mengjia He, Henning Ströh, Kathrin Starcke, Miguel Ros, Rossella Marinozzi, Anthony Lau 
Image credits _ Serge Ecker  

the villa is located in the valley of the mosel river at the border between luxembourg and germany. the site is directly attached to the vineyards and the section of the house therefore incorporates this topographical condition. the main living area is developed as an open plan with multiple split levels. this main floor expresses its connection to the landscape with the continuous glass band. the upper floors, where bedrooms, recreation spaces and bathrooms are located, are developed as a raumplan organization from the main living level.