Myleo Extension

Project data

Client _ myleo GmbH
Location _ Berlin, Germany 
Completed in_ January 2014 
Built area _ 540 m2
Team _ Mengjia He, Pascal Berger, Marc Schmit, Kathrin Starcke, Miguel Ros, Anthony Lau 
Image credits _ myleo & playze

Myleo is the first cross fit training center in Berlin. The new extension will grow inside an industrial hall. Recycled ship containers are being positioned on a minimal structure, which enhances the impression of them hovering above the training ground. The box-in-box system incorporates the wet rooms and the locker rooms. Cross Fit is a uprising trend in Fitness Sport, that reduces the workouts to archaic tasks, such as lifting truck tires etc. The design is driven by the idea, that the spaces keep the original flair of the site and all the interventions are subtle in their presence.