Location: China
Date: 2013-(2016), ongoing
GFA: 40'000m2
Built area: 60’000m2
Team: Pascal Berger, Mengjia He, Marc Schmit, Tade Godberson, Didier Callot, Zhaozhong Deng, Felix Zheng, Javier Paz Taibo, Ye Dongliang, Nathan Melenbrink, Xu Hao, Guo Yecheng, Daisy Yuan, Pan Qi, Briant Zhang, Maggie Tang

Local Design Institute: ICDA (
Engineering: Gruner Ltd., International / Gruner Kiwi AG (
Project Management (EPCM): BMP Construction Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (

The Swiss Green Tower is conceived as a mixed-use, sustainable technology hub – bringing together companies in construction, energy, transportation, healthcare and agriculture . The towers are a venue for trading green ideas between the disciplines, as well as for showcasing state-of-the-art sustainable technology in China. The mixed program makes the towers a good live-work option, and encourages a smaller Eco-footprint through the use of zero-energy design principles.