Pfefferbett Hostel

Project data:
Client _ Pfefferbett Hostel, VIA gGmbH 
Location _ Berlin, Germany 
Completed in_ August 2013  
Built area _ 600 m2
Team _ Mengjia He, Pascal Berger, Marc Schmit, Kathrin Starcke, Rossella Marinozzi, Henning Ströh, Lisa Uhlmann
Photo credits _ Christian Grund (guest space)
Photo credits _ playze (office space)

The house 6 on Pfefferberg, an old brewery from the 19th century, was originally used as the energy plant for the site. Today the building is used as a hostel. The big vertical space was kept as uncovered as possible, highlighting the historic steel structure. All of the programs, namely the reception, cafe, bar, internet stations and the information desk have been packed into one minimal element and clad with sheet metal. The formal layout of this element strictly follows the functionality of each position, integrating the entire infrastructure. The concept of the project was to create a new space that respects the historic elements, while adding the layer of a multifunctional hostel lobby. The aim was to realize a location that talks both about the long history of the site and the contemporary dynamics of Berlin.

The new work spaces for the Pfefferbett Hostel in Berlin are developed inside the historic framework of the former brewery. All the walls have been eliminated. The new element of the shelves unifies all the necessary infrastructure and functions. Horizontal openings within the furniture open up the relations between the different working spaces.