playze is a network of local architecture studios in berlin (germany), shanghai (china) and zurich (switzerland). it is a project to explore the possibilities of mobility, intercultural exchanges and global market niches. its activities in spatial design range from teaching and research to the classical execution of the practice of architecture.

the studio was founded in 2007 by pascal berger, he mengjia and marc schmit. since the beginning, the focus of the studio has been on various scales of projects, ranging from large urban planning to miniature interior projects, whereas the design approach always stayed the same: integrative play with the physiology and morphology of urban environments is the primary technique to connect global networks with local identities. it was therefore a strategic decision to establish the studios in different countries, building an international team capable of bridging the cultural differences between europe and asia.

the work of playze includes one of the biggest organic farms in china, the german pavilion for the expo 2010 in shanghai (as local architect), a thermal bath in luxembourg, an urban planning museum in ningbo, as well as several other built architectural and urban projects in asia and europe. the work of the studio has been widely published in magazines and online platforms like domus, detail, designboom, dezeen and perspective. the tony’s farm project has been selected by designboom as one of the 10 best container projects worldwide.

playze is also active in the academic field. pascal berger acted as academic director of the university of hong kong, shanghai study centre. marc schmit directed the master theses at alice, epfl in lausanne, switzerland. he mengjia is teaching at jiaotong university in shanghai.


playze is registered in the architecture chambers of switzerland, germany and luxembourg and thus can provide full architectural services in these countries.
in china, playze is a registered architecture consultant company with strong relations to LDI’s.

our main services:

urban planning
architectural design
interior design
furniture and exhibition design
architectural consultancy
construction authorizations
construction planning
conctruction site supervision

our network:
specialised local and global planning teams and high quality contractors


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definitions taken from the Oxford English Dictionary


playze switzerland gmbh
zur gempenfluh 56
4059 basel

Handelsregister des Kantons Basel-Stadt Hauptregister

Geschäftsführer: dipl. Arch ETH Pascal Berger
Mitglied des SIA Zürich

playze switzerland gmbh ist Mitglied im OAI, Luxemburg

playze berlin gmbh
choriner str 50
10435 berlin
t +49 30 2759 5039
f +49 30 8187 8760

HRB 176107 B
Handelsregister Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg

Geschäftsführer: dipl. Arch ETH Marc Schmit
Mitglied der Architektenkammer Berlin
Mitglied des SIA Zürich

USt-IdNr. DE815623902

M.Arch He Mengjia
Class 1 reg. Architect PR China

lic. rer. pol. Ronald Hauser

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