Haus Oranke

Project data 

Client _ private
Location _ Berlin, Germany
Building area _ 220m2
Team _ Pascal Berger, He Mengjia, Marc Schmit, Kathrin Starke, Will Vachon 


The Oranke House a single family home, in a quiet East-Berlin suburb. The site is pulled away from the street to the middle of the block, surrounded on every side by lush oaks and neighboring homes. 

Spatial Concept
The design objective meticulously interfaces in/outside, balancing private space with views and access to the lush surroundings. The house is hence built-up of sight-lines that connect inside/outside and define areas from the most private (bedrooms, home-office) to the least (kitchen, living, bath and sport). The sight-lines intersect to form hallways, stairs, entrances, window openings.
Inspired by Goddard's cinematic cross-sections in Tout va bien, the house becomes a sequence of "shots" and "angles". Inside, of the one is treated to a cinema-like view of the surroundings. Likewise - when walking around the house, one sees selectively into and sometimes through the various spaces of the home.