Mondorf Thermal Bath

Project data

Client _ Domaine Thermal Mondorf
Location _ Mondorf-les-Bain, Luxembourg
Completed in_ 2015
Built area _ 2.500 m2
Team _ Mengjia He, Pascal Berger, Marc Schmit, Kathrin Starcke, Rossella Marinozzi, Miguel Ros, Henning Ströh, Anthony Lau, Paula Ivan
Light Design _ Studio Dinnebier, Berlin
Engineers _ Doing, Luxembourg
Landscape Architects _ mavo, Zürich
Image credits _ Serge Ecker
The site of Mondorf-les-Bains, on the triple border between Germany, France and Luxembourg has been a Thermal Bath since the early 19th century. In the 80's of the last century a brutalist concrete structure has substituted the pavillon like organisation of the past. The site is neighbouring a wonderful public park, built in the 19the century in the style of the english landscape garden. The project incorporates a major part of the outdoor actitvies from the thermal bath, like saunas, wellness, baths, etc.

The aim of the topographical redesign is to connect the park with the main building and to enable this continuity to be experienced. Thus, the new big sauna building is tectonically developed to become part of the topography, having a green roof. The smaller saunas are positioned inside the park, like follies in the 19th century. The project uses only the material canon already existing on site, especially in the park: hetches, trees, grass, beige asphalt paths. The concrete of the brutalist structure is being quoted, while modified in its texture to provide a rather soft appearance.